The role

The Executive Director of Operations will be the operational lead for the Trust in the next stage of our evolution towards ICS status in April 2022, working with peers and system leaders to maximise the benefits of collaborative working and shared decision-making. Ensuring system transformation principally through the implementation of the local version of the Long Term Plan in its post-Covid form, you will play a part in improving performance by creating an environment of collaboration and partnership.

Working closely with the Trust’s Executive Team, Clinical Directors and Heads of Directorate, you will ensure the development and provision of comprehensive, high quality and patient-centred care and will also contribute to the development of the Trust’s corporate strategic direction and new models of care. The Executive Director of Operations will be responsible for the delivery of key performance areas across the Trust and will also have responsibility for Emergency Planning.

The role requires distinctive leadership skills and a unique strategic perspective that may differ significantly from traditional ways of leading health and care organisations. To be successful in the role you will need to be adaptive, comfortable within a dynamic environment and seek to influence. You will be inclusive, co-productive and consensus seeking. You will be joining an Executive Team that above all values trust and integrity, it will be critical that the new post holder embraces these values and from day one can evidence them in their actions.

These traits will be underpinned by knowledge of Health and Social Care and the broader public sector, and specifically of complex public service systems. Whether you are a sitting Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director of Operations or working at deputy level, you will be accustomed to operating at Board level or sub-Board level in a provider setting and have a proven track record in operational management and delivery. Above all you will understand the importance of leadership that is compassionate, inclusive and fosters effectiveness.

Possessing mature leadership skills, you will be a leader who is inclusive and OD orientated; someone with gravitas and influencing skills and role model behaviours, all of which will enhance and enrich the board of Combined Healthcare.